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Muscular Tension - background & useful information

Anyone can get painful muscular tensions.

Often these are so-called trigger points and trigger bands or another
form of problem in the fascia tissue .

But what does that mean? Where do they come from?

And most important: What can you do about it?




Fascia are sheaths or tubular structures that run
through your entire body.

Fascia and muscles form one unit and influence
each other via their tension.


Fascial problems can lead to orthopedic problems such as back, head or neck pain, tendon or muscle injuries, heel spurs, tennis elbows or ankle injuries.

Fascial problems

Fascia can cause problems when...

  • they are twisted or distorted

  • they are torn

  • they are sticking to each other

  • their metabolism is in disorder

  • their elasticity is impaired


You can solve fascia problems with targeted fascia training.

Freeceps was designed to do just that.


Common approaches to fascia training, such as the well-known foam rolling (fascia rolling), often fall short because they cannot reach the problematic, deeper regions.

The effect of fascia training

If you do fascia training regularly, you will cause positive things in you:

  • Adhesions and tensions in the tissue are released.

  • The pressure stimulates sensors that immediately relax the fascia tissue.

  • The metabolism is activated by squeezing the tissue like a sponge.

  • Movements become smoother.

  • Your flexibility and strength development may improve.

Limits of foam rolling

All fascia-related problems can be affected to a certain degree.
Solving a problem with traditional methods becomes more difficult, if the cause is
more localized, more longitudinal, narrower, smaller or located deeper.

Traditional methods can address some fascia issues only to a limited extent,
because they cannot produce sufficient pressure and friction.


What is a trigger point?

A trigger point consists of contracted and hardened tissue due to a lack of oxygen.

Trigger points can be caused by acute injuries, poor posture or stereotypical movement patterns.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point consists of contracted and hardened tissue due to a lack of oxygen.

Trigger points can be caused by acute injuries, poor posture or stereotypical movement patterns.

Treatment of trigger points and trigger bands

Trigger points and trigger bands are fascial problems and are therefore treated like those with pressure and friction.

The treatment of trigger points requires targeted pressure build-up. Require stubborn or deeper points
higher precision and suitable printing direction.

In the case of trigger bands, the voltage curve is pulled through.
In addition to sufficient pressure, friction on the skin is also required.

This is where Freeceps shows its strength!

Foamrolls, balls or pushers can only be pressed in one direction and cannot build up tension on the skin. 
It´s not able to treat Trigger bands this way!

Trigger points require a focused pressure point. Foamrolls or balls are not suitable for this either, as they work on a larger area and cannot penetrate the necessary depth.

With the Freeceps training concept + tool, both trigger points and trigger bands themselves can be treated.


The pain just won`t disappear?

Maybe that`s why:

The Tension lies in the deep


Punktuelle Behandlungen sind nur bedingt hilfreich?

Der Schmerzpunkt lässt sich nicht erreichen?

Dann muss man tiefer, oder vielleicht auch
etwas "um die Ecke" behandeln !


The Tension has a linear form


Der Schmerz ist linienförmig und ziehend?

Punktuelle Behandlungen sind nur bedingt hilfreich?

Dann muss eine entsprechende Behandlung her!


Tensions in the deep

  • You tried trigger point treatments?

  • Feel like you are not getting to the point of pain properly?

Pointed tension can be difficult to treat because it sits deep in the tissue or something hidden, or is just very hard.

In order to resolve such a pain point, it may be necessary to apply sufficient pressure in a suitable direction during treatment.
So treat something "around the corner"!


How to treat tensions in the deep

Superficial tension can be treated relatively easily with a little pressure.

210425_Visualisierung_TP_Zeichenfläche 1

For deep-seated tension, more pressure and precision is necessary.

210425_Visualisierung_TP_Zeichenfläche 1

For deep-lying tension that is somewhat hidden, the direction of pressure is also decisive.

210425_Visualisierung_TP_Zeichenfläche 1

With Freeceps you can build up pressure in a targeted manner and, thanks to the stable fixation, you can also perform treatments at the necessary angle in order to get to the most stubborn tension.


Linear tension

  • You tried trigger point treatments?

  • Would you describe the pain as "pulling" or "burning"?

  • Do you have the feeling that the pain has a linear course?

Presumably this is a so-called trigger band.

As a rule, the problem cannot be solved with punctual or superficial treatments.

The trigger band method is used here as an effective treatment to dissolve the painful line.

To do this, it is necessary to pull through the entire course of the line with sufficient pressure and friction so that the tissue also experiences friction.

If done correctly, a few treatments are usually sufficient to achieve a significant improvement.


How to treat linear tensions  

While punctual tension can be treated by applying pressure to one point, the situation is different with linear tension.

210425_Visualisierung_TP_Zeichenfläche 1

Even repeated punctual treatments cannot relieve the tension because the direction of tension also plays an important role.

210425_Visualisierung_TB_Zeichenfläche 1

With pressure and friction along the tension line, tension is built up on the skin and thus the underlying tissue, so that the course of tension can be influenced.

210425_Visualisierung_TB_Zeichenfläche 1
Screenshot 2021-04-25 14.19.04.png

The stable fixation and the rough surface of Freeceps enable creating friction on the skin and thus tension in the tissue.

This way linear tensions can be treated effectively.


Want to get rid of your pain?

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