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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

On what kind of surfaces can I fixate Freeceps?

The surface should provide ALL of the following properties:

• Smooth
• Airtight
• Plane

• Clean
• Stable


Examples: smooth painted surfaces, smooth metal, glass ...

The surface itself should of course also be stable. Like being part of the building or a massive piece of furniture.

This video should also help:


The handpiece gets black abrasion from the adapter.
Is my product defective?

No, that's normal. The first time you use it, there is some abrasion from the plasticcup. This is no problem should become less during usage.

Does the rubber leave marks on the wall or door frame?

Usually not, but black spots from the rubber can occasionally appear.
In that case just clean the rubber surface. Alcohol works good.

Where can I buy Freeceps?

Freeceps is currently only sold and shipped by Amazon. As a customer, you enjoy the 30-day right of return, fast and uncomplicated payment processing and super fast shipping.
If you are interested in a larger order, please contact us by email:

What are the shipping times / when will my package arrive?

Amazon is our distribution partner. After an order has been placed via Amazon, the shipping status can be tracked. Amazon sends the goods very quickly, with a Prime membership delivery usually takes place on the next working day. Without a Prime membership, delivery usually takes two to three working days.

Are there any risks and side effects of treatment with Freeceps?

Possible reactions: (usually harmless) bruises, haematoma, red stripes, sore muscles, worsening of the problem (up to three days), skin irritation, increased sensitivity to pressure and light touch, slight swelling (up to three days).
Possible side effects: (Consult a doctor or therapist) If the pain gets worse after the treatment and lasts longer than a week, consult a doctor or therapist. This also applies if the above mentioned reactions last for over a week.
Allergic reactions to aluminum may occur. (Over time, allergies can show up in people who have never been allergic)

When should Freeceps not be used?

What problems do I use Freeceps for?

For hard tension, strains, trigger points, trigger bands, irritation of the tendons and muscular tension.
For more detailed information on the individual problems, please refer to our exercise page or the instructions.

Can I contact you with questions and concerns about the application?

Yes absolutely! Use the contact form or write us an email.

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