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The idea: enable athletes to relieve tension pain
entirely independently

The team

We are a motivated team with high quality standards for our product and service.

We value staying fit and being able to solve problems by ourselves.

Flexibility and independence for self-treatment of fascial tension is what we aim to supply athletes with.

Paul Reinborn
DOSB sports physiotherapist
Soshin Katsumi
Dipl.-Designer (Industrial Design)
Martin Kammerer
M.Sc. Business engineering

Physiotherapeutical competence


Paul is physiotherapist at the Olympic Training Center in Stuttgart. Every day he is applying his expertise in high-performance sports and is always up to date.

Based on his many years of experience and technical expertise, he saw the need for a product, athletes can use to treat their trigger bands and tensions as independent as possible and all by themselves.

High performance sport meets product development


Soshin is an industrial designer and a long-time judo national team athlete. Based on Paul's vision, he developed our top product: Freeceps.


The development of Freeceps took over a year and a large number of prototypes to satisfy Paul and Soshin's quality demands.

Advisory support


Martin is a management consultant and is supporting the enterprise from the beginning in the economic and strategic field. He saw the advantages of Freeceps and is 100% supporting the product and the vision.

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