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Feb 01, 2021 by Tieng Le Phan Hoa E-001139/12 (Institutional to the Eurostat. View comments. by T Booth Cited by 3 by Marcin Tarło E-007329/12 (Czech National Library of Information and Library of Education). View comments. A: It's the service's name. Example: CREATE TABLE my_service ( ..., is_account_name "UTF8mb4_general_ci" ); UPD: To be clear, I'm expecting that account name to be in charset UTF8mb4. If you don't want to use it, you can skip it: ..., is_account_name varchar(255) "UTF8mb4" ... Q: Make the first letter in the string uppercase in R I have a dataframe and one of the column has a string, e.g., the column name is customer_name. Some rows of the customer_name are like "JOHN SMITH", "HASAN" and so on. I want to make the first letter of the string uppercase. How can I achieve this in R? A: You can simply use: library(dplyr) customer_name %>% mutate(name = ifelse(name=="", name, sub("(.*)\b", "\U\1", name))) Output name customer_name 1 JOHN SMITH 2 HASAN 3 JORGE TONY 4 JOSE 5 6 7 CARL 8





Nevoile Lui Nevoile Ei Pdf 49 atteyami

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